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Nurse-Midwives Provide Personalized Care: 

Nurse-midwives are dedicated to helping women and their families stay healthy. They realize the importance of caring for the whole person rather than just the physical self; therefore they work hard to help you maintain your emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical health. Because nurse-midwives schedule longer visits than many other health care providers, they are able to learn about your individual needs and the needs of your family. CNMs emphasize health promotion activities that fit specifically with your life.


Nurse-Midwives Have Good Outcomes: 

Nurse midwives have been recognized for their contributions to reducing infant and maternal mortality, premature births, and low birth weight rates. Their skills as primary care providers are evidenced by their low rates of infant mortality, cesarean birth, episiotomy, and use of epidural anesthesia and their high rates of success in vaginal birth after cesarean. These facts are made more impressive when considering that 70% of women who receive care from nurse-midwives are considered vulnerable to poor health outcomes by virtue of age, socioeconomic status, education, ethnicity or location of residence. (see acnm.org)


NEW: 18-Year Review Confirms Excellent Outcomes of CNM Care

This systematic review reports that care provided by CNMs is associated with comparable or better outcomes than care managed exclusively by physicians. Through a comprehensive evaluation of the evidence from 21 studies of CNM care, the review concludes that:

  • there is overwheming evidence that women cared for by CNMs are less likely to experience a cesarean delivery, episiotomy, or severe perineal trauma;
  • women cared for by CNMs are also more likely to choose non-pharmacologic approaches to manage pain;
  • women cared for by CNMs have higher breastfeeding rates.

Source : Newhouse R, et. al. Advanced Practice Nurse Outcomes 1990-2008: A Systematic Review. Nursing Economic$, Sept/Oct 2011.


Certified Nurse-Midwives Provide Quality Care: 

According to a 1998 study of birth certificate data comparing outcomes for physicians and nurse-midwives in 1991*;

  • The risk of neonatal mortality was 33 percent lower for births attended by CNMs
  • The risk of delivering a low birth weight infant was 31 percent lower for CNM attended births
  • The mean birth weight was 37 grams heavier for CNM attended births
  • The infant mortality rate was 19 percent lower for CNM attended births.

Source: MacDorman MF, Singh GK. Midwifery care, social and medical risk factors, and birth outcomes in the USA. J. Epidemiol Community Health, 1998: 52:310-317. 


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